College Basketball Betting is All About the Odds

Although college basketball betting isn't the most profitable offering for most online bookmakers, it can certainly be profitable for the gambler. It is important for you to learn the different types of stakes that you can place and how to calculate the odds if you want to be successful in this endeavor. There are some angles that will provide you with better odds than others, and learning them can put you in a position to really win big.

Bookmakers are very, very good at using the information available to reduce their risks. This means that they pull information from various sources, including television and internet, and adjust things accordingly. A home game is one instance in which you might be able to make a profit. What you will want to do is bet against the favorite whenever the underdog is playing a game at home, but you will only want to do this when that team has a good track record of winning home games - even against stiff competition.

Something else to consider, particularly if you are considering college basketball betting on the point spread, is the rebound effect. If one contender wins or loses by a massive number of points, then chances are high that this will not happen two games in a row. As such, the point spread becomes much easier to predict and you will know where to put your money. Along the same lines, revenge is a powerful factor. If an underdog is going up against a rival who previously stomped them but that underdog has progressively improved throughout the season, it may be worth it to put your money there and see if the need for revenge will lead them to victory.

Scandals among sports teams are huge these days thanks to the far reach of social media and news outlets. Whether a coach was caught cheating on his wife or one of the star players was arrested for dog fighting, these things are huge distractions for everyone on that team. Your best bet is to put your money against the contender involved in the scandal in hopes that the distraction will not allow them a victory. It may or may not work, but it is a statistically sound choice.

There is another aspect to college basketball betting in that while it is always more profitable to put your money on the unranked contender, there are some instances in which staking on the favorite just makes more sense. For instance, if you are wagering on a team that has been undefeated all season and they are playing at home, then putting cash on the underdog is just silly. Check out 5Dimes Casino if you are interested in trying it out for yourself.