When First Half Bets Are Beneficial

First half bets were difficult for me at first, but I quickly learned what they were and how to use them to my advantage. In a nutshell, these are typically placed on NBA or NFL games and are similar to standard wagers but only deal with the things that occur during the first half of the game. While they can be useful in some situations, they aren't my favorite.

One of the best ways for me to explain this is by using baseball as an example. Back in the good old days, the same pitcher would throw the entire game for a team allowing me to ultimately make decisions based upon that pitcher's strength. Today, though, I'm lucky if this happens. The pitchers are generally relieved by the fifth or sixth inning, making everything else nothing more than a crapshoot. Now, if I'm lucky, a team's pinch pitcher is going to be awesome just like the first string. This isn't usually the case, though, and that's why I prefer first half bets in some cases.

Using these to my advantage was difficult at first, but it is important to understand your team and your players before you attempt it. For instance, if you're considering a team that generally has a huge lead up until halftime but then lets that lead dwindle, first half bets may work out for you if you place them on the points spread in these cases. NBA works in much the same way; oftentimes, starting players are taken out of the action once a certain lead is established. Though the opponent may close the gap, if you've already cashed in at halftime, then it doesn't really matter.

Like all other types of wagers that you can place, I recommend that you do some careful research before wagering. There is information out there if you know where to find it, and many online sportsbooks make it available to you via links on their sites. Use this information to your advantage and then consider all of your options before putting your money on the line.