What You Should Know About If Bets In Sports

All kinds of people like to place wagers on sports in Canada, though most people stick to traditional straight wagers and parlays. An if bet is one in that can only be placed after the original has been won. For instance, you can think of it like this: let's say you're betting on A to win an event and they are favorites over B. Then, with your second stake, you're predicting that C will win over D. If the first stake you placed wins, then everything - the original amount of money you put up plus any profit you made - will be placed on the second. If the second wins, you'll come out ahead by a mile. If not, you'll only lose the profit.

I really like the if bet because there are two different ways I can do it. One way is the 'win only' in which the only way things progress is if the first option was a winner. The second is an 'action' that progresses whether or not I won the original. However, I try to stay away from the latter since it is often not in my best interests when it comes to money management. When I am trying to actually turn a profit, I spread my money out and around on a number of different events and I've found that the former option is often the very best way to go.

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