How to Play A Rebate Mini Video Poker Game

I'm a huge fan of the Rebate Mini Video Poker game, though it was important for me to understand the basic principles before I got started. The goal is to create a high-ranking poker hand based upon the pay scale that is provided. In order to do this, I have to follow the guidelines associated with five-card draw. Here, the dealer passes out five face-up cards to each participant to get started.

The first thing that I have to do is choose how much I want to wager per hand. I can customize this amount to my liking by choosing various coin denominations and then deciding how many coins to bet. However, in order to win a decent amount of money, it's necessary to put forth a decent stake. I've noticed that the various denominations that are available will vary from venue to venue, but almost every establishment has a five-coin maximum.

After I've placed my wager, all I have to do is click the 'Deal' button to receive my five cards. Then, each participant has the chance to examine his or her hand to decide which ones to keep and which to exchange. Once the decision has been made, I will click on the ones I want to hold and then click 'Deal' again. I will receive new options based upon my choice and payouts will be automatically tallied based upon the pay scale.

The pay scale follows that of just about any similar title with the lowest payouts coming from a pair of Jacks or Better and the highest resulting from the coveted Royal Flush. In between, I am rewarded moderately for things such as Full Houses, flushes, and straights. Of course, a pair of anything that is lower than a Jack does not produce a win at all, though this is standard for titles like this.

There are all kinds of venues out there at which I can play this online casino game, but my favorite by a mile is 5Dimes Casino. This establishment provides not only an exciting welcome bonus, but also lots of regular weekly promotions, a great VIP club and plenty of rewards just for referring my friends. The Rebate Mini Video Poker game is just one of the many things to do here.