Tested And Trusted Software

I have always known that safe gambling is top priority for Canadian gamblers, and there are several things that players can do in order to ensure that they are enjoying the safest experiences possible. Of course, while it is the responsibility of the casino to provide a fair and secure environment, I want to show players some things they can do on their own to promote safe online gambling, as well. Most of them are incredibly easy, and I was able to implement them all in less than 30 minutes.

First and foremost, I found that creating a secure Windows user account was just common sense. This way, if my laptop was stolen, no one would be able to access any of my information - including that which related to online casinos. Next, I went to my email inbox and added the actual mailing addresses of all of the casinos with which I do business to my contacts list and sent all others to junk mail. This helped to reduce the number of rogue emails that showed up in my inbox and also helped me determine which communications were legitimate. Some of these emails may have contained viruses or worms which are things that no one wants on their hard drives.

The last thing I did when ensuring myself a safe gambling experience involved finding safe, secure casinos that I could trust. 5Dimes Casino is one of the best out there since it offered plenty of safety features, lots of information about safe gambling and a secure environment for all of my transactions. Despite this fact, I still make sure that I run regular virus scans, test my firewalls and keep everything on my computer secure. 5Dimes can only do so much to protect my privacy; the rest is up to me as a responsible Canadian gambler. I've provided these tips to help you stay safe while you gamble online, as well. As always, please be aware of anything that seems suspicious and be safe rather than sorry. If something in an email looks strange, just don't open it. If a casino seems less than legit, find another one. 5Dimes is always a good choice.