What happened to the Tennis Umpires Banned from the game?

tennis umpires banned

Tennis, being one of the most renowned sports game throughout the globe, has always been a target subject by waging companies, specifically those with sports betting options. One thing great about sports betting is the fairness of the game since the players are all third parties which play for their own purpose, giving them no meaning to lose intendedly. However, what if the officials within the game are the ones that allegedly cheats it? This is exactly what happened in tennis when news about Tennis Umpires banned from the game was released.

There were six international umpires for the game that were involve in the case while two of them were already banned in secret by the authority. The matter was handled discretely at first in order to avoid the news of Tennis umpires banned, to fill up the newspaper headlines. However, the Guardian of the investigation that happened insisted that the matter should be publicly announced for the sake of the people.

The umpires that were involved in the case were from Ukraine, Turkey and Kazakhstan. The case they are involved with, pertains to corruption within the game, in the form of manipulating scores and results of the game with a bribe from sports betting syndicates. With the manipulation that happened on the prestigious 'International Tennis Federations Futures Tour', many vile wagers were able to return victorious as they have already been informed about the alleged manipulation.

Aside from the ones mentioned, there were already cases such as this one, which were revealed to the Guardian of the Investigation. There was a case when information about a plan of manipulating scores was sent by a Kazakhstan umpire, Kirill Parfenov, to a fellow official on the game using social media. However, it failed and the umpire mentioned faced decertification for his entire life.

Other than that, there was also another case where a Croatian umpire, Denis Pitner, was found out to have been participating and logging in on betting sites which involved tennis betting. With this, he received a suspension that lasted for about 12 months on August 2015. The news of tennis umpires banned from the game is important as this just shows the corruption that's happening within the game and some betting sites that were involved in it.