Canada Aims for Another Bill C-290

bill c-290

With the continuous growth of the waging industry especially on the sports betting option, it is definitely important for a country to always keep up with the trends so as to generate more income and even provide the waging needs of their people. Canada is vying to once again garner a chance to allow sports betting through creating a legislation even for a single-game waging which comes in the form of the Bill C-290. However, though some viewed the plan as something robust and extremely feasible, there are several out there that has expressed their doubts regarding the possibility of fulfillment of the matter due to various reasons.

The first reason of the people's doubts is the fact that the passing of the Bill C-290 has already happened once back in the year 2012. The sports betting bill was even approved by the 'House of Commons' in Canada. However, its journey to success ended there as it continued to rot away, stuck in the Senate for a total of three long years. After the amount of time mentioned, a writ has finally been passed to announce its official death due to the fact that it has already been neglected for a long time.

Even with the recorded failure of the Bill C-290, Brian Masse, Current Legislator of the 'New Democratic Party', plans to give it a second try and introduce yet another bill of the same nature when the opportunity for it arises and presents itself to Masse.

Masse also shared that one of the weaknesses why the previous bill didn't make it to success was due to the fact that not every Senate was comfortable with it. In fact, there were even some who felt that it lacked a scrutinized process which also contributed to the neglect that it experienced for three years. What Masse wants to do is guarantee first that every parties involved with the bill, must be comfortable with all the information inside it. When this Bill makes its way through, it will open the doors to vast and countless opportunities and potentials that will surely affect the whole country as well.